The Ojude Oba festival, Ijebu Ode, Nigeria.

The Ojude Oba festiva
The Ojude Oba festiva

All You Should Know About the Ojude Oba festival In Ijebu Ode Nigeria.

The Ojude Oba festival Is A Yoruba Annual Festival Held Third Day After Eid Kabir (Odun Ileya)  In Ijebu Ode, Ogun State In Nigeria.

The ojude oba festival
cross section of the crowd at the 2017 Ojude Oba festival at Ijebu ode Ogun state yesterday.PHOTO;AKEEM SALAU

The famous festival started out in 1892, when the then Oba Adesumbo Tunwase offered landed properties to the Muslims for a Mosque to be built. He also offered the British missionaries the opportunity to preach Christianity in Ijebu Land as well as the land where St Saviours Italupe, the first church in Ijebu was built.

Ojude Oba Festival started as a religious festival, when a small number of adherents and followers of the Islamic religion chose to pay homage and show appreciation to the reigning Monarch for his kind gesture and benevolence to them. However, the festival has transcended religious lines today and it attracts people of all faiths as well as tourists from within and outside Nigeria. On the day of the event, various peers and age groups come is festive attires to pay tribute to the king after which the festival continues with various forms of entertainment.

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The Ojude Oba festiva
The Ojude Oba festival

At the event’s main arena, peers of different ages seat in groups as they observe and take part in the festive proceedings which kicks off with so much pomp and pageantry. Peers of various age group then take turns to pay their respect to the king. Several groups of men and women also come out to display to dance amidst singing and drumming.

The festival is a display of the culture and heritage of the Ijebu people. It is celebrated with great cuisine options, spectacular cultural dances and horsemanship.


The Ojude Oba festival
The Ojude Oba festival

There are several side attractions at the Ojude Oba Festival that tourist should look forward to:

  • The display of matching colourful cultural attires by people of various age groups.
  • Horsemanship display by warriors on beautifully adorned horses.
  • Various display musical and cultural display by people of Ijebu Land.
  • Competitions and prizes to be presented.
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