This is a highly controversial topic, one that is very important but most people shy away from. What is your take on s*x before marriage? Is it one to avoid or something we just can’t do without.

Forgive my bad manners, I didn’t even introduce this column; this is ‘Love special’ and this is our very first topic; we would be bringing hot, debatable but highly interesting topics on love and relationship. Love special would be up only on Sundays, you can call it our Sunday Love special. Feel free to join in our debates; your opinion just might be saving someone’s relationship.

I’m Shawn and I’m doing this debate with Neo (I’m sure you know her by now, that’s if you are a regular Elcrema magazine reader). Like most people, she feels sex before marriage is wrong and for some funny reasons I don’t agree with her. Well, this is her take on the matter.


This has never been a good thing from time immemorial. Sex before marriage is the ‘abnormal’ that have taken over the normal way of doing things. ‘Sex’ the way God intended it is not adhered by men and women in our societies; this is the case of ‘wolf in sheep’ clothing’. I earnestly stand against it. I remember when I was in my semi-late teens and wasn’t well informed about ‘sex’ I went ahead and made the biggest mistakes of my life and wished I had known better not to indulge in it. I usually blame parents for dodging that very serious part of life from their sons and daughters before they get out of hand. A mother especially should educate (Sex education) her children more on the dangers and risks one might face- teenage pregnancy, STDs, HIV and AIDS, etc.

I usually hear some guys say they ‘must taste first’ before anything concerning settling down. They just keep tasting different girls until they taste poison to their bodies. When they become over-sexed, they begin to have infertility issues, low sperm count, and they blame it on whomever.

The ladies are not left out. They go ahead to have sex with several guys, forgetting that they are like receptors and anything can just build up inside and cause great damage to their womb and fallopian tubes.

My point here is, if anyone can wait until they are ready to marry, there would be fewer problems in one’s life. If you have tasted before, stop before you fall headlong into the ditch of problems. My stand is, because God hates it, I strongly kick against sex before marriage and it is the trick of the devil to further pervert our society. Illicit sex before marriage is everywhere and enticing, but your ability to hold yourself makes you stronger and healthier person.

Well, that’s what the beautiful Miss Neo had to say about this topic and I think she’s right but there is a but…read on…
Honestly, I hate to be the bad guy but I always try to be sincere, you’d understand what I mean if you have been following my articles from make that love last, ten frequent lies men tell to 6 reasons women cheat. My take on sex before marriage; in a nutshell, it’s a necessary evil and I’m going to be practical here.

First, I’m going to ask some very practical questions; how can you survive the passion in a relationship with someone you really love? How can a relationship stay for years without sex? How do they control their passion for each other? I’m not saying it’s impossible, I’m just asking how. How many people can confidently come out and say they are in a relationship with no sex? I need figures here please. Sex is the result of passion resulting from either deep love or lust, how can one control any of these passions? It’s easy to fault it but I call it plain hypocrisy.

Secondly, let’s talk about the human nature. Whether we accept it or not, sex is a huge part of our lives, it’s an in-built instinct, something the body always crave for. Let’s say, you get married at the age of 27, how can one spend 27 years of his/her life without sex. As a human, the urge would definitely come and please don’t go all religious here, just give me practical solutions that every tribe and religion can relate with.

Another thing that comes with sex is curiosity; this mostly concerns the younger ones. The human race is one that loves to reach the roots of its curiosity; they prefer doing the don’ts and avoiding the dos. It’s a natural human instinct; everyone is guilty of this instinct; so saying ‘’don’t have sex’’ is really a huge task, the human instinct in you would interpret that as ‘’please do have sex’’. Like they say, it’s really hard to cheat nature.

I know I’d get some sticks for my opinion but I’ve also read that humans hate the truth, but please before you label me a ‘sinner’ answer some of the questions I asked. And please, don’t misquote me, I’m against illicit sex and if you just must, do use a condom. HIV/AIDS is real, don’t spread the virus.

Hope you enjoyed this piece and please do tell us your take on this highly controversial issue and also share this on various social medias.

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