Best Shopping Mall In Nigeria

Silverbird Galleria
Silverbird Galleria

With increase in numbers of buyers in Nigeria, Leads To Increase in number of supermarkets and shopping mall in the nation.. Check out some of the best shopping mall in Nigeria Below :

The Palms Shopping Mall , Lagos Nigeria. | Best Shopping Mall In Nigeria

Best Shopping Mall In Nigeria

The Palms Shopping Mall, or The Palms Shopping Center as it is sometimes refered to is the place to come with the family and friends. There is a store for each member of your group. Shopping for the adults, food and treat shops for the kids, movies for all and a food court for everyone to grab a bite.

There is a cafe outside directly opposite the car park. The large display screens will show you what movies are presently showing (or coming soon) at the Genesis Deluxe Cinema. There are two entrances into the mall. The food court gives you multiple choices when it comes to what to eat. Pick something from snacks, ice cream, pizza, chicken to full meals. Some household & office shopping can be done at Shoprite or Game. You find electronics, furnishings, utility, maintanance and more.

‘There are ATMs on the outside of the mall, as well as data centers you can visit for your phone/network requirements’ 

There are a number of shops that cater to your wardrobe, beauty as well as those of the kids. Get your electronics from TVs to refridgerators to mobile devices likes phones, tabs e.t.c from the Samsung, Mac, LG stores. Health stores are not in exclusion amongst the variety of stores that you will find in the Palms Shopping Mall; There are cafe’s and more stores clearly visible from the outside of the shopping mall and this is absolutely implying that if not everything then almost everything that you will be needing can be found at the Palms Shopping Mall.

There is a large space for parking outside and the Palms is easy to spot from the Lekki expressway. It is in walking distance from Get Arena.

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Silverbird Galleria Lagos State, Nigeria

Silverbird Galleria
Silverbird Galleria

There is a parking space beside the Galleria. Use this one. It costs N200 but you won’t be bothered about moving your car while having fun.

The Silverbird Galleria is located, along the right, on the Ahmadu Bello way. It is a mall that has food, shopping, mobile network offices, pharmacy, lounge, beauty shop and a radio station. At the Galleria you can also see a movie at the Silverbird Cinema.

The mall has a parking space beside it (costs N200), from there you walk into the Galleria and see the beautifully designed floors, shops, eateries, and the very artistic painting/design on the ceiling. The Silverbird Cinema is located at the top floor. An escalator to your right will take you to the cinema floor directly or the elevator which stops at any floor (you will see it directly opposite the front entrance as you enter).

The ground floor has a shirt shop, cafe and three mobile network offices so you can set a local mobile number up and get access to the internet quickly. Electronics, phones, gadgets can be found on the first floor, there’s a store on the second floor, arcades, food concession and the cinema on the third floor.

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The Galleria opens till late (cinema, club and the pharmacy). You can also get food at the eatery at a late hour. The Cinema has masters movie, a movie package that takes place at night. It is usually a lot quiet and more intimate.

The Galleria also serves as an event center where you can do shows, competitions, awareness, exhibition. Any event that serves to appeal to the public can be done at the Silverbird Galleria.

You can also see Silverbird’s Rhythm 93.7 broadcasting studio right on the first floor and get to taking pictures with some celebrities in the studio.

You can also party at the lounge if you are feelimng up to it. 

‘Buy the large popcorn. If you come with kids and little ones, make sure you have them in sight so they won’t wander off after an arcade game’

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KWARA MALL | Best Shopping Mall In Nigeria
KWARA MALL | Best Shopping Mall In Nigeria

Located in Ilorin, a western region of Nigeria, the Kwara mall is a large, well-equipped shopping centre. Modelled after large American shopping malls, it contains banks, shops, restaurants and meeting places, and forms a centre for commerce in the region. Stop for coffee in one of its many cafes, shop at a range of popular stores, or purchase groceries with convenience.

One of the big name brands available here is Shoprite, a well-stocked supermarket. If you are looking for any manner of goods, from fresh vegetables, fruit and meat, to dairy products and dried food, you can find it here, a fuss-free alternative to the traditional Nigerian market. Or, if you would rather eat while you’re here instead of purchasing ingredients, there is a large food court. Popular shops here (aside from Shoprite) include KFC, The Hub, Max, and Wrangler – famous for its denim. There is also a hairdressers and beauty salon in Kwara Mall.

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The on-site car park caters for up to 400 cars.

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CEDDI PLAZA | Best Shopping Mall In Nigeria
 CEDDI PLAZA | Best Shopping Mall In Nigeria

Ceddi Plaza is owned by Ceddi Corporation and is located in the Central business Area of Abuja, the capital City of Nigeria, constructed in 2003, the Plaza consists of 10,000 square meters of retail and office space. Nigerian owned and designed, the mixed use of facility is managed by Broll property services Nigeria. Ceddi Plaza was opened officially in November 2005.

Ceddi Plaza is made up of 55 specialty shops, offices & service providers consisting of movie theaters, a bookstore, champagne lounge, the Atrium @ Ceddi Plaza, restaurants, cafes, fashion boutiques, shoes, accessories, home interior design stores, furnishings, health & beauty salons, gift shops, telephones, banking and ATMs, dry cleaning services, a dental office, pharmacy, photo studio, children’s entertainment, events hall and much more.

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SHOPRITE NG | Best Shopping Mall In Nigeria 

Shoprite is a leading store in Africa and the number 1 choice to shop for most Nigerians. There are currently about 10 stores in different parts of Nigeria and more gradually opening up. Shoprite stocks on everything you will need to set up your home, office, fix up your car, start & maintain your garden, get sports equipment, food items, books, games, toys, electronics and almost everything!!

The best part (price) is that you get items cheaper because Shoprite buys in bulk thereby reducing costs and making things available to many people.


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