Agila Social and Economic Carnival

Agila Social and Economic Carnival
Agila Social and Economic Carnival

What You Should Know About Agila Social and Economic Carnival Held In Benue State, Nigeria.

Agila Social and Economic Carnival
Agila Social and Economic Carnival

Agila Social and Economic Carnival Is an annual festival held In Agila Town Benue State, Nigeria set up to  showcase Idoma cultural renaissance,The Agila Carnival Begins By December 23-25 Every year .

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The carnival since its emergence has played a large role in the unity of the people from this area, and as a result, fostering the unity and tranquility of the people of Benué State

According to the organizers of the Agila Social and Economic Carnival , it is aimed at reviving the interest of its cultural & economic values in a fast globalizing world of science and technology among the youth of the Idoma nation and its descendents.

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As a result of the thousands of people the carnival attracts from all walks of life, it serves as a boost to the economy of the Idoma land and that of the country at large.

The Agila Carnival events.

The parades and other events happen during the three official days of carnival.

The carnival kicks off on 23rd morning and stretches to the afternoon of the same day with procession/Parade in otukpo followed by migration from otukpo to Apa between the afternoon and evening of the first day.

Later in the evening of the same day is another segment known as burn fire and performances by music artists.

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The carnival continues on 24 December with carnival displays in the morning followed by Masquerade display, and distribution of gifts to widows. Later in the evening in the same day is the performance by HERO’s ambassadors (music & comedy).

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The morning of 25 December which is the last day of the carnival is the migration of people from Apa to Otukpo. Proceed by the Face of Idoma beauty pageant



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